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Kingdom Life Revival Assembly

Ministry is a Commission and not a vocation. It is a divine commission given to a man or woman to advance the purpose of God on earth and give direction to the sons of men.


So it is with Kingdom Life Revival Assembly, a commission entrusted to God’s servant, Pastor Akinola Abiodun Saheed to advance the purpose of God on earth and to give direction to men according to Colossians 1vs 10 which is the anchor scripture upon which the vision of the ministry stands.


It all began in 1997 with the conversion of Saheed Abiodun Akinola on March 22, 1997 from Islam to Christianity after giving his life to Jesus at Christ Power Gospel Church Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria. He then immediately began to serve God in the same Church as an usher. Furthermore, the zeal for the Lord led him to enroll in a Bible school where he obtained a diploma in Biblical Evangelism, He was thereafter ordained an Evangelist by the presiding Pastor of Christ Power Gospel Church. Moreover, while still in Bible school in July 1997 Saheed Abiodun got a revelation of Isaiah 49vs 1-7 which was further reaffirmed while in prayer on the 30th of September 1997 at the annual convention of the Sword of the Spirit Ministry, Ibadan. This he perceived was God’s call upon his life and he immediately began to prayerfully appropriate it into his life.


This is to be followed by a word that came to his spirit while reading a book by Rev Dr. Francis Wale Oke entitled “Go Forward ‘’ on the 11th October, 1997) “I will send you to serve him in preparation for the work I have called you to. Abiodun thereafter registered for a one month intensive programme with Sword of the Spirit Ministries entitled “Operation Joshua”. During the programme, he was chosen as the assistant group leader of one of the two group that was formed and one of its assignment as a group is to plant a branch of Christ Life Church at Efun Ogbere. Thus, this obligation exposed him to practical Church planting in December 1997.


While praying for the graduates of Operation Joshua, Dr. Wale Oke made these comments about Saheed Abiodun, “You are so tall and lovely, the Lord bless you and make you a giant Sword of the Spirit”. This was his first personal encounter with God’s servant Dr Wale Oke. Abiodun formally received a word from Isaiah 58vs 12 in his spirit on the 14th of February 1998 as he was being ordained the Church evangelist of Christ Power Gospel Church. This again confirmed to him the call and the hand of the Lord upon his life. He joined The Redeemed Christian Church of God –Peace Parish, Onireke Ibadan in July 1998, as the Lord led him for further preparation and learning.


Abiodun was then back in school for his HND programme in Banking and Finance and was combining his role in the Baptist Student Fellowship (BSF) campus fellowship as the assistant Transport and Organizing Secretary with his responsibility as one of the ministers in the Church (RCCG, Peace Parish). He was commissioned in February 2000 by the zonal pastor of the church as assistant to the youth pastor in pioneering a youth church of the RCCG in Ibadan, Oyo State.


National service beckoned in July, 2000 so Abiodun left Ibadan for Abuja where he was posted for National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) scheme. Thus fulfilling God’s word spoken to his heart during the BSF send forth service; “ I will use you in the leadership of the Nigeria Christian Corpers Fellowship, NCCF to further prepare you for the work that I have called you to’’ .

God’s word is true! And this came to pass when Abiodun was chosen as the president of the Abuja Chapter of the NCCF for 1999-2000 NYSC service Year. However, this extended to February 2002 as a result of the late arrival of the next batch of corps members.


It was in the course of his service year that God spoke clearly to him on the work he had called him to. While praying on his birthday anniversary on the 15th of April, 2001, God reaffirmed Isaiah 58vs 12 which he earlier received in February 1998 by expatiating it through Isaiah 61. The name Kingdom Life Revival Assembly was given to him in September 2001 while in prayer with his covenant prayer partner, Mr. Bolarinde Lawal who is currently serving as the chairman of the board of trustee of the ministry. This name was proven when against all odds, it was approved for registration by the Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria five years after. To God be the glory.


Knowing that the vision is yet for an appointed time, and acting on God’s direction, Abiodun proceeded to join the Sword of the Spirit ministry in June 2002, but had to wait till October for full absorption so as to ensure full recovery from injuries sustained in a ghastly motor accident few days to resumption. He served meritoriously from October 21, 2002 to July 11, 2006; God having signaled to him that his time in SOTSM was over and a new chapter is to begin.


Pastor Abiodun sought a quiet place to seek the Lord and with the gracious assistance of one of his mentors, Dr. Tor Uja, he went to the Pastoral Centre in Makurdi to seek the face of the Lord and to get direction on the next step to take. The Kingdom Life Revival Assembly (KLRA) was born thereafter on the 4th of November, 2006 as a result of the divine mandate and commission received by the Pastor, Abiodun Akinola during his five days total fasting and prayer retreat at the centre in Makurdi.

July 24, 2006 - God said ‘’the time is Short, the time is Now’’. An understanding of the timing for the birth of the vision came.
July 25, 2006 - God said ‘’you have been made a repairer of the breach and a restorer of paths to dwell in, you shall build the old waste places, and you shall raise up the Foundation of many generations.
July 26, 2006 - God spoke to me from Psalm 45, with particular reference to verse 16 and 17
July 28, 2006 - The Lord said Arise Shine. Isaiah 60 and Zachariah 2vs 1-5 were received as prophetic promises from God for the assignment.

  • About the Ministry

    The Ministry, Kingdom Life Revival Assembly was inaugurated on Saturday 4th of November, 2006 at Agura Hotels by Rev. Dr. (Mrs.) Chinyere Obed of Glory Tabernacle Ministry, Ibadan with 164 friends and family in attendance. The first formal service was on Sunday 5th of November, 2006 at the same hotel with 14 persons in attendance. Kingdom Life Revival Assembly spent fourteen months at Agura Hotel before moving to Christy House, Wuse-Zone 5 where she spent fifteen months and moved to suit 3B2, AMAC Plaza, Wuse Zone3 and currently at Plot 1156 , Behind Gudu District Library, After Gudu Market, Abuja the time of this write up.

  • Board of Trustee

    Having been fully incorporated, the following are the members of the board of trustees.

    1. Rev. Bola Lawal - Chairman. Maitama General Hospital, Abuja
    2. Mrs. Vivienne Njemanze - Secretary . Living Faith Church, Abuja
    3. Barr. Ehis Ogiata - Legal adviser.The Capital Assembly, Abuja.
    4. Rev. (Dr.) Mrs. Chinyere Obed - Member. Associate Pastor, Glory Tabernacle Ministry Ibadan.
    5. Pastor Abiodun Akinola - Member. General Pastor, K L R A.

  • Leadership of K L R A

    1. Pastor Abiodun Akinola - General Pastor K L R A
    2. Pastor (Barr.) Mrs. Nkiru Nnenna Akinola - Resident Pastor KLRA, Dawaki
    3. Pastor Femi Fiki - Resident Pastor KLRA, New Nyanya
    4. Pastor (Dr.) Amaka Ubah - Asst. Pastor KLRA, HQ
    5. Deacon James Okwu
    6. Pastor Kennedy Omoshola- Director of Music
    7. Pastor Emeka Ogbogu- Director Admin/Finance

    8. Deacon Gabriel Oluyinka- Director Projects
    9. Deacon Henry Ealefoh- Director Special Duties
    10. Deaconness Juliet Ealefoh- Women Leader
    11. Deaconness Bukola James.

  • Our Vision, Mission, Core Value

    We are a bible based discipleship and evangelical ministry, seeking to build a Godly heritage of men who might work worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God. Colossians 1: 10

    Vision and MissionOur Core ValuesOur Code of ConductABC of The Ministry

  • Our Motto

    Labouring for eternity, serving God’s purpose. John 6vs27 &Act 13 vs 36.

  • Our Dreams

    These are all a reflection of our vision statement, which is to build a Godly heritage of men who are discipled after Christ to fulfill His purpose on earth.
    1. To propagate the true undiluted gospel of Christ, emphasizing on conformity to His image and demonstrating His power.
    2. To be a place where the hurting, depressed, frustrated, confused and downcast can find comfort, healing, joy, direction and encouragement through the help of the Holy Spirit.
    3. To develop people to spiritual maturity through Apostolic discipleship programme.
    4. To help believers discover and develop their God giving gift and talents, providing opportunities for them to be used of God, thereby becoming a channel of blessing to others.
    5. To provide opportunity for believers to increase in the knowledge of God through the kingdom Life leadership Training seminars and conferences.
    6. To provide a glorious atmosphere of worship where;
    ** God’s presence is encountered
    ** God’s pardon is offered
    ** God’s purpose is received
    ** God’s love is shared and
    ** Where positive, practical and biblical messages which lift and encourage the hearers are preached

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